Spas and wellness centres in and around Montepulciano

If one of the reasons you have chosen to spend your holiday in Tuscany is to regenerate body and mind in contact with nature and the best it has to offer, you cannot miss the opportunity to pay a visit to one of the many spas found in this part of the region. Don’t forget that the province of Siena has rightly been defined as “the most thermal land in Italy”.

Agriturismo Sanguineto, just 4 km from Montepulciano, enjoys a central position, perfect for travelling, and the main thermal resorts in the Siena area can be reached in a short time.

The nearest include:

Terme di Montepulciano
The Terme di Montepulciano are about eight kilometres from Agriturismo Sanguineto. They offer the chance to relax and regain much-needed mental and physical well-being. The thermal waters, rich in trace elements and mineral salts, combined with modern technology, offer a valuable restorative break. The Grotta Lunare (Moon Cave) is very atmospheric, offering very small groups a fun and exciting experience.

Terme di Chianciano Terme
Just 15 kilometres from Agriturismo Sanguineto, they are internationally famous for the properties of their waters. A true devotion to wellness has developed here over the centuries since ancient times. Proof of this can be found in the countless Etruscan artefacts that have come to light right near the thermal springs. The Theia pools, which open onto the green woods, and the innovative Sensory Salon, where all the senses undergo 20 different treatments based on naturopathy, are definitely worth trying.

Terme di Bagno Vignoni
Situated on a hill in the Val d’Orcia, along the Via Francigena, Bagno Vignoni is an ancient spa town, visited in the past also by illustrious personalities such as Saint Catherine of Siena, Pope Pius II and Lorenzo the Magnificent. The large medieval pool that occupies the entire village square is particularly striking, with the steam that rises from it, especially in winter, making this pretty fairy-tale village magical.

Terme Bagni San Filippo
In the heart of the Val d’Orcia, on the slopes of Monte Amiata, Bagni San Filippo is a small oasis furrowed by a stream, where several hot water springs flow into a succession of pools in which it is possible to bathe all year round. Outside the thermal baths, walking a little further into the woods, the white mineral formations become very particular and create a sort of natural monument: the famous White Whale.

Terme di Rapolano
Located in the Crete Senesi district, it can be reached by taking the motorway for Siena. Rapolano Terme is known for its sulphurous waters which flow at a temperature of 39-40°C and are particularly suitable for treating skin and respiratory ailments. There are two spas: Terme Antica Querciolaia and Terme San Giovanni.
Terme Antica Querciolaia –
Terme San Giovanni –

Terme di San Casciano dei Bagni
At the southernmost tip of the province of Siena, San Casciano dei Bagni is a spa resort known since Etruscan and Roman times, surrounded by green vineyards and olive groves, not far from Monte Amiata. The thermal basin consists of no less than 42 springs scattered throughout the territory. Due to the elegance of the facility, which fits perfectly into its natural surroundings, Travel Leisure magazine recently described it as “one of the most beautiful spas in the world”. Archaeological finds of incredible beauty have come to light in recent times right next to some of the thermal springs.